94% of healthcare executives say improving the clinician experience is a priority for their organizations in 2021, according to a recent PwC survey. And that’s for good reason: the trauma and loss brought on by the pandemic has added to the emotional and physical burden placed on clinical teams, and is expected to have long-term effects for years to come.

The True Cost of Provider Burnout, recorded 6 May 2021 as part of Modern Healthcare’s Hospital of the Future Virtual Briefing, featured:

  • Dr. Jason Mitchell, Chief Medical and Chief Transformation Officer, Presbyterian Healthcare Services
  • Dr. Christina Chen, Medical Director, Bright.md
  • Maria Castellucci, Content Strategist, Modern Healthcare

In this engaging discussion, they shared insights on why this topic is critical to your overall business goals. Watch this webinar to understand:

  • Best practices and solutions to address this crisis
  • The ethical and financial consequences of overwhelmed clinicians
  • Ways to recognize and address the main factors contributing to burnout

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